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Denise Owens, the president of the Police Association of Canada, said the OIPRD recommendations will apply to all levels of government, which sends a message that all governments are at risk, including the Conservative government. She said there have been ongoing problems with access to information with police services, and now that the OIPRD has cleared many of those, it is time to apply those same standards to all levels of government. Karen Ripley, a criminal defence lawyer, said the association is asking for stronger legislation for police services to make sure they are serving and protecting the community with proper resources. "I think it is a start for police services to make sure they understand that access to information is a right for all people," she said. "We need to be able to hold police services accountable as well." She said access to information in police services is still a bit of a grey area for people working in the profession. "I think it is encouraging to see that the police associations are beginning to recognize that there are communities that can benefit from access to information," she said.High-grade serous ovarian cancer: a molecular mimic of uterine cancer? Atypical endometrial hyperplasia is a heterogeneous disorder associated with endometrial carcinoma. Morphologically, endometrial adenocarcinoma encompasses two types: a very well-differentiated variant and an aggressive form. The latter is, in turn, composed of at least two subtypes: a small cell variant and a high-grade serous carcinoma. Both are uncommon forms of endometrial cancer. Recent molecular genetic data have indicated that they may be related and may share a common origin. In contrast, the pathogenesis of high-grade serous ovarian cancer and its relationship to endometrioid ovarian cancer are less clear. Efforts to clarify the molecular genetic basis of the two different subtypes of endometrial carcinoma may shed light on their pathogenesis.Q: Rewriting iframe src with jquery I've looked at other questions on here on this subject and couldn't get any of them to work. Basically I have an iframe that loads the contents of the url, here is the iframe: and here is the iframe url:

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