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Wilhelm has dealt with the growing tension between them in different ways each time they have interacted. For example, when Wilhelm visits the North to discuss military matters with Kant, he is less than receptive to Kant's attempts at civil discourse. Wilhelm "sources his authority from God, so anything which challenges such authority must be rejected. " I believe that He holds the power of God in his hands, and no one has more power than he. There are many different layers to Wilhelm's personality and character, and he would be the best judge as to how to best deal with Kant in the future. S. Wilhelm 2008 - Kants Konflikt mit dem Kantschen Moralismus bei der Entwicklung der kantischen Ethik (Contemporary Philosophy of Kant: Continuation of the Prussian Conflict with Kantian Moralism on the Development of Kantian Ethics). From "Destroying the Myth of Moral Relativity": In this passage, Ayn Rand describes Wilhelm as a cocksure know-it-all who abuses his power by belittling the status of others and threatening them by his superiority and egotism. In fact, Ayn Rand says of Wilhelm, "I believe that He holds the power of God in his hands, and no one has more power than he. " Even though Wilhelm has abused his power, he is not evil. For example, in the scene in the North, when Wilhelm insults Kant at a ball, Kant is respectful to the only person who can truly help the North. Wilhelm's greatest flaw is egotism and his ignorance of other people; his only good trait is his honesty. He has managed to get his way all his life, and that is what binds him to Kant. When the heroes of Atlas Shrugged eventually come to see that their villain, John Galt, has been executed, they all realize how great a threat the "man of money" would have been had he been left alive, and they come to feel sorry for their villain. Certainly the writers of Atlas Shrugged understood what Ayn Rand had said about Wilhelm, and used Wilhelm as an example of what happens when a leader's motives are evil. In Wilhelm's first meeting with Kant, Wilhelm fails to recognize that Kant is more "of the people" and less of a "ruler." (3) For example, he confuses the Lord Lieutenant of the North with the emperor, after which he tries to find an excuse for not cooperating with Kant. a2fa7ad3d0