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DICOM files contain medical images that can be viewed on scanners, servers, printers and other devices in order to learn information about patients. If you're uncertain about the integrity of a certain DICOM image, you can take a look at its hexadecimal code with the help of Sante DICOM Hexadecimal Viewer. This hex code is unique and can tell you if the file was tampered with. Examine the file structure of DICOM images Before proceeding any further, you should know that the application doesn't have options implemented for modifying the hex code since it acts as a reader only. If you're looking for a solution to change the hex code, you have to check out other apps. Sante DICOM Hexadecimal Viewer is wrapped in a plain and simple interface, where there's only one window available, so you don't have to waste time exploring buttons and menus in multiple windows. Open any DICOM file to view its hex code To get started, you can locate and open a .dicom-formatted file. Unfortunately, the tool cannot automatically detect only supported files from a selected folder while excluding the rest. Afterward, the structure of the DICOM file can be seen on the left side, where you can click an entry to view its corresponding hex code and size, as well as properties and values. Clicking a block of code automatically highlights the corresponding descriptions. There are no options available for exporting or printing the hex code, however. Unsurprisingly, Sante DICOM Hexadecimal Viewer loaded file information swiftly in our tests and remained light on system resources usage throughout its runtime. In conclusion, the application delivers a simple and efficient method for directly examining DICOM files via hexadecimal display. Thanks to its intuitive interface and options, the tool can be used by anyone with minimum effort.










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• DICOM hexadecimal viewer can be used to decode any DICOM file. • The program has an intuitive interface and displays the files in plain text. • DICOM hexadecimal viewer is fully compatible with Windows 7. • DICOM hexadecimal viewer is easy to use. Are you interested in being part of the development of the Antwerpen Nanotech Festival (NanotechCamp), possibly as a speaker or member of the jury? Our festival is the biggest in the Benelux and is organised by Unifrance and supported by the Regional Government of Flanders. Shared drives must be scanned with chkdsk /r. Shredded documents must be shredded before you scan them. If you accidentally delete or write on a shared document, the safety is not fully guaranteed anymore. Make sure that there are no viruses on the shared drives. If you use an antivirus program, it is best to schedule your scans to be done when the program is not on. We highly recommend using chkdsk /r for your shared drives. Chkdsk /r is a command-line tool which can check and repair the file system. Type on a command prompt: chkdsk /r c: /f When you unplug your drives during data deletion, you want to make sure that it is fully deleted. That's why it is recommended that you do a chkdsk /r after your deletes. If there's an improper delete, you can use : 0x800703, error : 0x00000010, code : 0x00000063, message : Cannot open volume for direct access. Please use chkdsk /r It is strongly recommended that you do not manually shred documents before scanning them. Shredding after scanning is usually possible. However, many scanners cannot shred fragmented documents or cannot read them back after shredding. Scanner manufacturers usually provide a shredded location to store this information for future reference. The Epson FX-85 D Series Fax Modules have been upgraded to allow for TIF, PS, PS+, DPOF, and PCL6. Other features include end of page capability and multiple endof conditions. The Canon PR505 series is the latest line of fax machines offered by Canon. The PR505 series comes with a number of features such as duplexing, automatic document feed b7e8fdf5c8

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Save your time and money by buying a license for Sante DICOM Hexadecimal Viewer! This application helps you to open and view DICOM files. Use Hexadecimal to reveal hidden information in DICOM images. Key features: Open DICOM files, whether in.dcm,.dicom or.dcm3 formats. Also supported in.kirr DICOM files. View DICOM files' information such as file name, date and time of creation, and resolution. Animate DICOM files. Remove DICOM signatures and block information. Animate DICOM images. Remove DICOM watermark. Import DICOM images for tracking. Export DICOM images to folders. Change hexadecimal window appearance. Unicode support. Drag and drop support. Approximate size of data: 1.5 MB of data, and 100,000 bytes in memory. Approximate size of virus: 200 kilobytes. eDICOM by eScan is an industry leading Image Processing Software which helps you to read, view and repair corrupt, damaged, and corrupted eDICOM images. This software is best for detecting corrupted DICOM Files and it will help you to avoid wasting your precious time on repairing corrupted eDICOM files. Features ✓ Use Video file converter and convert damaged, corrupt or damaged DICOM file ✓View image in JPG, BMP, GIF, TIFF, PCX, PNG, WMF, EMF,JPG,GIF, PICT,PPM, TGA, PCD, PFM and TIF formats. ✓Use eScan software to extract important information from damaged DICOM files. ✓Convert damaged DICOM images into good and perfect quality JPG, TIF, GIF, BMP, PNG, PSD, TGA, PCX, PCD, PFM, PCD, PICT, PFM, TIF, EMF, PSD, PGM, WBMP and PCD formats. ✓Save images as JPG, BMP, PGM, DIB, TIF, TGA, PSD, PFM, EMF, PCD, PNG, GIF, PICT, PCD, and PCX formats. ✓ Remove DICOM

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Sante DICOM Hexadecimal Viewer is a medical image viewer that allows you to view, modify and analyze several hexadecimal codes. The information in the hex code is displayed in plain and simple formats. The program has the ability to import files from Windows Explorer. Key Features: Sante DICOM Hexadecimal Viewer enables you to view, modify and analyze a number of DICOM files The hex code can be displayed in a list and the list can be sorted by name, size and value; The application has a lightweight interface Featuring a simple and intuitive interface, the program is suitable for any user with a basic knowledge of computers; The application enables you to modify DICOM files by adding, removing and replacing blocks of codes License: Freeware | Price: Free Active TiresView 3.1 Active TiresView is a vehicle tire monitor, a VIN number scanner and a vehicle troubleshooting tool all in one. It combines powerful diagnostic capabilities with a user-friendly graphical interface and allows you to easily determine the problem with your vehicle. License: Shareware | Price: $39.95 Autoplay Plus 1.0 Autoplay is an online service for streaming videos of any kind, short clip plays or full-length movies, with the ability to pause them and to rewind, forward and fast-forward or pause again. This application includes several more tools: a splash screen where you can tell your friends about Autoplay, file providers for your media streaming, an integrated search engine and many other goodies. License: Shareware | Price: Free BATAR1.0 BATAR is a professional bat detection software. It contains the best bat detector technology to detect when and where to activate radar. Advanced detection technology in BATAR includes advanced sound processing, smart bat detector, continuous ping, continuous anomoly detection, CW detection, HVM detection, GPS detection, Geo-positioning, cloud storage and more. License: Shareware | Price: $299.00 Bat Logic 3.0 Bat Logic allows you to control all the sounds of your computer and record your own voice. You can install software that controls various sounds, regulate their volume and also record your own voice. Bat Logic is a multi-featured software that enables you to customize computer sounds, record your voice and more. License: Shareware | Price: $29.95

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